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Midis Section
These are some themes from the Zelda series called midis. They are not mp3's because they are made totally different. Midis are entirely musical. To listen to a midi, just click on it. There are more midis to come!

Ocarina of Time
Fairy Song
Mini Game Theme
Owl Song
Zoras Domain
Zelda Theme Remix
Kokiri Forest
Link's House
Navi's Song
Hyrule Market
Hyrule Field
Gerudo Valley
Goron City
Intro Music
Windmill Song
Sheik's Song
Lon Lon Ranch
Lost Woods
Kakariko Village

Majoras Mask
Clock Town
Clock Tower
Deku Palace
Deku Palace 2
Mayors Office
Bremen March
On Cremia Wagon
Gerudo Fortress
Hero's Litany
Oath to Order
The Final Day
Game Over

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